09:00 – Meeting tourists at the hotel by the local guide. Transfer to Sheki.

11:30Excursion to “Palace of Sheki Khans”
Palace was a summer residence for the Shaki Khans. It was built in 1797 by Muhammed Hasan Khan.
The Palace of Shaki Khans was nominated for List of World Heritage Sites, UNESCO in 1998 by Gulnara Mehmandarova — president of Azerbaijan Committee of ICOMOS—International Council on Monuments and Sites .
Along with its pool and plane trees, the summer residence is the only remaining structure from the larger palatial complex inside the Sheki Khans’ Fortress, which once included a winter palace, residences for the Khan’s family and servants’ quarters. It features decorative tiles, fountains and several stained-glass windows. The exterior was decorated with dark blue, turquoise and ochre tiles in geometric patterns and the murals were coloured with tempera and were inspired by the works of Nizami Ganjavi.

13:00Lunch at the local restaurant.

14:30 – Excursion to Karavan Sarai .
Excursion to the Upper Karavan-Saray. A historical monument of the XVII century, located in Azerbaijan, in the city of Sheki. Part of the caravanserai is also used as a hotel complex. The rapid development of trade in the Middle Ages significantly increased the role of caravan-saraev existing at that time in the territory of Azerbaijan and contributed to the construction of new ones. Usually the caravanserais were built in the form of locks with one gate, the closure of which, in case of danger, turned them into an impregnable fortress.

18:00Return Naftalan. Excursion finishes with good memories.