09:00 – Meeting at the hotel by the guide. Transfer from the hotel to Shahdag.
Shahdag is a mountain peak of the Greater Caucasus range, located in Qusar rayon of Azerbaijan, close to the border with Russia. The elevation of the peak is 4,243 metres above the sea level. Prehistoric cave dwellings have been discovered at the base of the mountain indicating habitation for over 9,000 years.
12:00Let’s begin to enjoy with Ski Holidays in Shahdag.
There are different ski pass categories, choose the one that best adapts to your needs and skiing level.
Ski lifts and Gondola ride at Shahdag to treat you to panoramic views of the Mountain and take you to the top of the slopes, giving you access to 13 magnificent ski slopes.
Shahdag Mountain Resort is equipped with the latest technology in snow making, plus state of the art lifts will let you discover the Mountain.
Harness up and get ready to explore. Our adventure parked has been designed for all ages to enjoy. Climb up ropes, swing across bridges and test your nerve on a high wire or two. This is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy.
We provide safety equipment including helmets which must be worn at all times and our supervisors will be on hand to guide you.
Everyone will enjoy exciting walk in quadricycles.
After a brief instruction, protective helmets are put on, engines are started up and a walk in specially designated winding passes starts. Our guides will make you familiar with safety rules and explain how to operate these powerful machines in order to have maximum fun and excitement.
Whether you are new on the slopes or an experienced skier, we have everything you need ready for you.
Shahdag Resort has a brand new Ski Shop with all the latest equipment for you to rent or buy and friendly staff to assist you with professional advice for you to enjoy your skiing experience regardless of your skiing level.
The ski school is suitable for beginners and advanced skiers. Private or group lessons are offered at your convenience.
Buy or rent ski, helmet, snowboard or any other necessary equipment, book a lesson and start exploring the Mountain.
13 ski slopes are available throughout the season. State of the art ski lifts and gondolas are available to take you quickly to the top of the slopes.

18:00Return to the hotel. Hamam taking finishes with good menmories.