09:00 – Meeting tourists at the hotel by the local guide. Transfer to “Chuxur Qabala”.
In ancient times, here was the capital of the ancient state of Caucasian Albania – Kabala (from around the 3rd century BC – V century AD).
The city was a major trade and craft center of Albania. Here was the residence of the kings, and after the adoption of Christianity in the IV. AD was the main religious center of the country.
In 1963, a treasure of silver coins was discovered in Chukhur Gabala, consisting of almost 200 Sasanid drachmas of the period of Varahran II, two Parthian coins of Vologuz III and several Roman coins dating back to the reign of emperors from Oton to Adrian

12:00 – Transfer from Qabala to Mingachevir city.
Mingachevir is the fourth-largest city in Azerbaijan with a population of about 110,000. It is known as city of lights because of its hydroelectric power station on the Kur River, which splits the city in half.The area has been settled for thousands of years, but the current city was founded in 1948, partly by German soldiers who were taken prisoner during World War II. Mingechevir is also home to Mingachevir Polytechnic Institute. The city forms an administrative division of Azerbaijan.
13:30 – No visit to Mingachevir is complete without seeing the dam and reservoir lake. The dam itself can’t be visited but you’ll see it well enough as you drive north (currently via a slightly bumpy detour avoiding further building works for the Games). A couple of kilometres further, above town, the views are memorable with cliffs and curious sharp knolls of dry, eroded clay surrounding the wide expanse of turquoise blue water that dazzles in the sunshine. A few of the somewhat tatty, litter-marred beaches have summer cafes of which the most attractive is named Bora Bora though the scene is more reminiscent of the rugged Arabian coast than of the South Pacific. If you’re very lucky and have perfect visibility, then the scene gains a special ethereal quality all of its own with the snow capped Great Caucasus Mountains apparently floating magically above the lake’s far horizon.

14:30 – Lunch at the local restaurant.

16:00 – Check-in at the hotel.
You will have a good opportunity for fishing in Kura river.
The name Kura is related to the name of Cyrus the Great, emperor of Persia, The Georgian name of Kura is Mt’k’vari (in old Georgian Mt’k’uari), either from Georgian “good water” or a Georgianized form of Megrelian tkvar-ua “gnaw” (as in, “river that eats its way through the mountains”). The name Kura was adopted first by the Russians and later by European cartographers. In some definitions of Europe, the Kura River defines the borderline between Europe and Asia.

20:00 – Overnight at the hotel. Excursion finishes with good memories.