09:00 – Meeting tourists at the hotel by the local guide. Transfer to “Chuxur Qabala”.
In ancient times, here was the capital of the ancient state of Caucasian Albania – Kabala (from around the 3rd century BC – V century AD).
The city was a major trade and craft center of Albania. Here was the residence of the kings, and after the adoption of Christianity in the IV. AD was the main religious center of the country.
In 1963, a treasure of silver coins was discovered in Chukhur Gabala, consisting of almost 200 Sasanid drachmas of the period of Varahran II, two Parthian coins of Vologuz III and several Roman coins dating back to the reign of emperors from Oton to Adrian.

12:00 – Lunch at the local restaurant.

13:30 – Transfer to Gyandja.

15:00 – Excursion to “Goygol” Lake.
Due to an earthquake which hit the area on 25 September 1139, parts of the Kapaz Mount collapsed and blocked the path of the Kurakchay River. As a result of diversion of water flow, a lake with pure mountain water was created, hence the name given signifying the pureness of the water. The nearby city of Khanlar was renamed after the “Goygol” Lake on 25 April 2008. The city founded as Helenendorf by first German settlers in Azerbaijan in 1819 and with considerable German minority until 1941 had been renamed to Khanlar in 1938. In 1925 the lake was incorporated into the newly founded “Goy Gol State Reserve” which was superseded as “Goygol” National Park in 2008.
Greater “Goygol” area is often split into 19 lakes, 8 of which fall into large lakes category, “Maralgol”, “Zelilgol”, “Qaragol” among them. It is situated at 1,556 meters above the sea level.The complete length reaches 6,460 meters. The depth of the lake is 93 meters. Due to pureness of the water, one can see underwater life clearly 8–10 meters below the surface. The lake fauna is very rich. The “Goygol” Trout has evolved from the river trout since the natural creation of the lake. The Göygöl area is known for dry winters and mild to warm summers. Rainfalls range from 600 to 900 mm.

19:00 – Return to the hotel. Excursion finishes with good memories.