10:00 – Meeting tourists at the hotel by the local guide. Transfer to “Tufandag” Mountain.
It is in the Main Caucasian Range. Its height is 4191 m. According to the local population, this name is often associated with severe winds, blizzards, and thunderstorms in the mountains. Mountain Tufandag is also registered. This summit is reminiscent of the issue of the Greater Caucasus. The height of this mountain, formed by Jurassic schists, is 4,191 meters. Because of the most flood and blizzard during the year, it was named Tufan. According to a widespread religious narrative, fragments of Noah’s ark fallen into the lakes of this mountain. During the rain, the breeze runs over the water of the lakes, and when the air becomes calm, it disappears.Of course, this is just a legend.
Here also you will see  the longest teleferic of the world – Whether for skiing, or just for memorable summer views of the Alpine scenery behind Qabala, jump aboard the Tu­fandag network of four cable cars.

13:00 – Lunch at the local restaurant.

14:30 – Excursion to “Gabaland”.
The “Gabaland”  is the center of exploration in many parts of the globe, with many attractions attributed to the “Disneyland of Azerbaijan”. Situated in one of the painting regions of Azerbaijan, the Center invites tourists from Russia, Iran and Turkey. Here are the lunar park, with the British, Italian, German and Israeli production, the 6D amusement, the LaserMaxx playing ground at 1000 sq. M. m.
There are two tracks for racing cars, a track for motorcycles, a skating rink, a swimming pool, playgrounds for volleyball, football and basketball, a fitness center and many others. There are seven artificial lakes in the “Gabaland” drowning in the greenery, cafes and restaurants are open, offering dishes of both Azerbaijani and world cuisine.

16:00 Transfer from “Gabaland” to Sheki.

17:30 – Excursion to “Palace of Sheki Khans”
Palace was a summer residence for the Shaki Khans. It was built in 1797 by Muhammed Hasan Khan.
The Palace of Shaki Khans was nominated for List of World Heritage Sites, UNESCO in 1998 by Gulnara Mehmandarova — president of Azerbaijan Committee of ICOMOS—International Council on Monuments and Sites .
Along with its pool and plane trees, the summer residence is the only remaining structure from the larger palatial complex inside the Sheki Khans’ Fortress, which once included a winter palace, residences for the Khan’s family and servants’ quarters. It features decorative tiles, fountains and several stained-glass windows. The exterior was decorated with dark blue, turquoise and ochre tiles in geometric patterns and the murals were coloured with tempera and were inspired by the works of Nizami Ganjavi.

18:30Dinner at the local restaurant “Xan Bagi”
If you are in Sheki, then you should definitely taste Piti. Sheki Piti is one of the most memorable, having a unique taste of meat dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine. After lunch we invite you to enjoy Azerbaijani tea with Sheki Halva.

20:00Transfer to “Marxal Resort&Spa” hotel. Check-in at the hotel.Overnight in Sheki.
Excursion finishes with good memories.