10:00 – Meeting tourists at the hotel by the local guide. Transfer to “Chuxur Qabala”.
In ancient times, here was the capital of the ancient state of Caucasian Albania – Kabala (from around the 3rd century BC – V century AD).
The city was a major trade and craft center of Albania. Here was the residence of the kings, and after the adoption of Christianity in the IV. AD was the main religious center of the country.
In 1963, a treasure of silver coins was discovered in Chukhur Gabala, consisting of almost 200 Sasanid drachmas of the period of Varahran II, two Parthian coins of Vologuz III and several Roman coins dating back to the reign of emperors from Oton to Adrian

12:30 – Lunch at the local restaurant.

14:00 – Transfer to “Nohur Lake”.
Soul-stirring mountains, mist-shrouded forests and epic tooth-and-claw wildlife – this is Gabala’s grand outdoor wonderland. The Nohur Lake is beautiful in all seasons.
Nohur is a manmade lake created after WWII to supply surrounding villages with water. Today it is a popular recreation spot consisting of a large tree-lined body of water reflecting the Greater Caucasus Mountains in its green-blue waters. Swimming is prohibited but fishing and hiking are popular here.
Otherwise, you can simply enjoy breathing the fresh air and wondering at the dazzling views of the mountains.
In winter, the lake is gradually covered by thick ice, starting with the end of December, and reset ice cover occurs somewhere in late March. But every year the lake freezing occurs at different times. Everything depends on the vagaries of the weather.The thickness of the ice cover on the surface of the lake can reach 40-50 cm. Frozen water causes astonishing variety of patterns from bubbles to jagged lines.

15:00 – Transfer to “Tufandag” Mountain.
It is in the Main Caucasian Range. Its height is 4191 m. According to the local population, this name is often associated with severe winds, blizzards, and thunderstorms in the mountains. Mountain “Tufandag” is also registered.
This summit is reminiscent of the issue of the Greater Caucasus. The height of this mountain, formed by Jurassic schists, is 4,191 meters. Because of the most flood and blizzard during the year, it was named Tufan. According to a widespread religious narrative, fragments of Noah’s ark fallen into the lakes of this mountain. During the rain, the breeze runs over the water of the lakes, and when the air becomes calm, it disappears.Of course, this is just a legend.
Here also you will see the longest teleferic of the world – Whether for skiing, or just for memorable summer views of the Alpine scenery behind Qabala, jump aboard the “Tufandag” network of four cable cars.

18:00 – Return to the hotel. Excursion finishes with good memories.