09:00 Meeting at the hotel by the guide. Transfer from the hotel to “Heydar Aliyev” center.
“Heydar Aliyev” center is a building complex in Baku, Azerbaijan designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid and noted for its distinctive architecture and flowing, curved style that eschews sharp angles. The most attractive and interesting section of the Center, which is engaged in studying, promoting and protecting Heydar Aliyev’s heritage, is the Museum of Heydar Aliyev. Notable for its design and the application of cutting-edge technologies, the Museum is in harmony with the rest of the Center.

10:30Transfer from “Heydar Aliyev center” to seaside boulevard.
On the road you will see little“ Venice”. Here is walking.

11: 00After little “Venice” you will see Carpet Museum.
Azerbaijan Staet Carpet Museum,also known as the State Museum of Azebaijan Carpet and Applied Art,is a museum located Neftchilar Avenue, in the center of Baku,Azerbaijan. The museum displays Azerbaijani carpets and rug items of various weaving techniques and materials from various periods.It is named after Latif Karimov and has the largest collection of  Azerbaijani carpets in the world.

12:00 After Carpet Museum you will see “Mugham” center.
Mugham is a genre included in the representative list of the UNESCO Intagible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The design of the building was based on the elements and shapes of the tar, an Azeri musical instrument used in performing mugham. The concert hall fits 350 people. The center also has a club, restaurant, study halls and record studios.

13:00 Lunch at the local restaurant.

14:30Transfer to Nizami street. The main street in Baku.
Here you will see many branded shops,cafes, clubs, restaurant and etc.

15: 30Transfer from Nizami street to “National Flaq Square”.
You will see the biggest flag in the world.

16:00 Transfer form “National Flaq Square” to “Highland Uploand Park”
Take a fresh breeze of the Caspian Sea and take incredible panoramic views of Baku. Admire the miraculous architectural mix of east and west contrasts. You will see Baku frim birdeye.

17:00Return to the hotel. Excursion finishes with good memories.