09:00 – Meeting tourists at the hotel by a local guide. Transfer to Shemakha for fishing (120.00 km from Baku)

11:00 – Excursion to the Gulistan fortress before fishing.

Excursion to the “Gulistan Fortress” – a long time ago the Gulistan Fortress was a very powerful structure, its walls, according to historians, surrounded the Palace of the Shirvan dynasty when Shemakha was the capital. The earliest finds date back to the 9th century. Thus, the age of the fortress is more than a thousand years.
13:00 – Lunch time. You will taste a variety of fish at a local restaurant.

14:00 – Excursion to Juma Mosque.
The Friday cathedral mosque in the city of Shemakha, on the territory of Azerbaijan. The date of construction of the mosque – 743-744 – is based on the research of the geological commission that arrived from Tiflis, headed by Prince Shahkuli Qajar. This date was determined by the Arabic inscription on the front ligature of the Juma mosque, indicating the 126th year of the Muslim chronology as the date of foundation. It was at this time that the construction of new religious buildings – mosques – began on the territory of modern Azerbaijan. Historically, the appearance of ancient Islamic architectural monuments was associated with the rule of the Arabs and the beginning of the spread of Islam in the territory of modern Azerbaijan. The Juma Mosque in Shemakha is the earliest mosque in the Caucasus after the Derbent Juma Mosque, built in 734.

15:30 – Transfer to “SAKIT GOL” (QUIET LAKE) for fishing.

19:00 – After fishing you will see the Shemakha Astrophysical Observatory.
In 1991, the observatory was named after Nasiraddin Tusi – a mathematician, physicist and astronomer of the Middle Ages. A settlement was created under the observatory for workers to live, which was named after Yusif Mamedaliev (Pirgulu).
The main instrument is a reflective telescope, made in Germany, with a mirror diameter of 2 meters and which was inverted for operation in 1966 and which is the first large telescope in the South Caucasus.

21:00 – Return to the hotel. The tour ends with good memories.