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Medical tours are an excellent option for those who want to relax at the same time improve their health or simply get rid of the fatigue that has accumulated at work. This kind of travel today is developed practically at all resorts in the world: as we have at home.
Azerbaijan has long been famous for its unique resorts and the richest medical resources. Every year two million people come to the resorts of Azerbaijan to rest and at the same time to improve their health. Seawater, sun baths, mountain climate and many other natural factors of Azerbaijan are effective in the treatment and prevention of many diseases.
In Azerbaijan there are more than 200 groups of mineral springs, which in quality and composition are in no way inferior to the world famous waters of international resorts. But the main pride and wealth of this sunny region is Naftalan, a unique healing oil with miraculous properties, whose truly boundless possibilities physicians continue to study, discovering new and new healing properties. The Naftalan resort is the world’s only deposit of medicinal naphthalan oil and attracts thousands of tourists who gain health and longevity here.
In recent years, the attention of the leadership of the Republic of Azerbaijan was drawn to the development of the resort and tourism industry. In the cities of Azerbaijan, in the resort areas, in the mountains and on the Caspian coast, a modern infrastructure has been created. Dozens of international-class hotels has been built. World-wide networks have opened their hotels, luxury water parks and extensive recreation areas. Six international airports operate in the country, equipped with the most modern standards, new comfortable bus routes. New seaport is being built in the suburbs of Baku.


Naftalan Azerbaijan is a unique medical resort of world importance, which is the only deposit of healing naphthalan oil. Naftalan has been known since ancient times as a strong remedy for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, with skin, urological, gynecological diseases. Naftalan removes inflammatory processes, reduces pain, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body. “The spring of black gold is the key to healing” – so is the motto of the naftalan health resorts.
The history of the Naftalan Spa dates back to 1873, when naphthalan was mined by hand from shallow wells. “The dense blood of the earth” is what naphthalan is called. More than 100 years have passed since the beginning of the study of medicinal properties and the use of naftalan. Its effectiveness in various diseases is confirmed by the results of more than 1600 scientific works and monographs.
Since 1926, a specialized resort Naftalan in the zone of the field began to function, where patients from all parts of the USSR with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, with neurological, skin, gynecological, urological diseases were treated. In the Soviet era, Naftalan was the favorite recreation place for the party elite.
Now Naftalan Resort provides treatment for over 70 diseases in conditions of maximum comfort.
All year round, Naftalan sanatoriums accept patients from all countries for treatment. A qualified, experienced and friendly team makes every effort to achieve the main goal – human health.
Currently, naphthalan treatment is carried out with the help of the latest methods: desmaked naphthalane, naphthalan fractions and naphthalan hydrocarbons in combination with thermal and ultraviolet irradiation.
Sanatorium Naftalan provides modern treatment with the help of naphthalan baths (general, sedentary, chamber) and naphthalane lubrication, followed by heating with a Sollux lamp. For the baths, native (natural) naphthalene is used, and for the lubrication, as well, deslimed (purified) naphthalane. Abscessed naphthalanum does not irritate the mucous membranes, therefore it is successfully used as a skin, and in the form of tampons and trays, as well as for lubricating the mucous membranes of the gums, throat, nose, and for ultranephophoresis in the form of oil inhalations.
Treatment with naphthalan
The total duration of treatment is up to 20 days. During this time, patients take 10-15 sessions of baths with obligatory breaks, under the supervision of doctors.
Naftalan baths last 8 – 10 minutes. The patient is placed in a bath filled with naphthalan oil, heated to a temperature of 37 – 38 ° C. Through the pores oil penetrates into the blood and then with sweat secretions goes back. In this case, along with sweat secretions, all substances harmful to the body go out. After that, the patient should wash the oil under the shower and go to bed, as the process of oil release with harmful substances will continue and in addition to the baths.
Naphthalane lubricants are prescribed for a specific area of ??the body depending on the disease. The site of the body is smeared with pre-heated naphthalan and heated with a lamp from the distance from the distance of 75 – 100 cm, duration of 10 – 20 minutes. The course of treatment is 15 to 20 procedures.
In addition to baths and lubrication, naphthalan treatment includes:
– Vaginal swabs – cotton swabs, abundantly moistened with desalted naphthalan 50 – 55 ° C, which are introduced into the vagina for 45 – 60 min. On the course of treatment 15 – 20 tampons
– Rectal microclysters (12 to 20 ml each)
– Ultraphonophoresis of desmaked naphthalan (naphthalene is used as a contact substance).
To increase the effectiveness of treatment with naphthalanum is carried out in a complex with additional procedures, which are selected and assigned individually after a detailed examination. To conduct surveys in the sanatorium, there is a modern room for functional diagnostics, clinical diagnostic and biochemical laboratories.
Procedures used in the sanatorium:
– Naftalan baths
– Iodine-bromine baths
– Naftalan applications
– Naftalan tampons
– Paraffin therapy
– Hand massage
– Vibro-massage
– Physiotherapy
– Underwater traction
– Hardware physiotherapy
Treatment with naphthalan is effective in a number of diseases:
1. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and musculoskeletal system:
– Rheumatoid arthritis and polyarthritis
– Gouty polyarthritis
– Brucellosis polyarthritis
– Post-traumatic polyarthritis
– Deforming osteoarthritis
– Osteocondritis of the spine
Spondylosis of the spine
– Bechterew’s disease
– Myositis, myalgia, bursitis, tendovaginitis, myofascites, etc.
2. Diseases of peripheral nerves:
– Neuritis
– Neuralgia
– Radiculitis
– Plexitis
3. Diseases of peripheral nerves:
– Obliterating endartermite and obliterating atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities
– Varicose veins
– Thrombophlebitis of superficial and deep veins of the lower extremities
– Raynaud’s Disease
4. Skin diseases:
– Psoriasis
– Eczema
– Neurodermatitis
– Allergic dermatitis
5. Gynecological diseases:
– Inflammatory diseases of the female sexual sphere (adnexitis, salpingoophoritis, parametritis, perimetritis, metritis, etc.)
– Dysfunction of the ovaries
– Infertility primary and secondary
– Pelvic peritoneal adhesions
6. Chronic prostatitis
Treatment with naphthalan is carried out outside the stage of exacerbation of diseases.


Since the middle of the XX century, an increase in the number of allergic diseases in the world seriously began to bother doctors. After a long search, it was found that such diseases are cured in salt mines. For the first time in 1871, near the Italian city of Florence, in the Monsamma area of ??the Tuscan province, the treatment of patients with rheumatic polyarthritis in stalactite and stalagmite mines was carried out. Such mines function in such countries as Germany, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine. Such mines have become karst caves, their microclimate is rich in calcium ions.
Also there are salt mines where the microclimate with ions of sodium and chlorine prevails. Such mines have been operating since 1968 in the Polish city of Krakow, in the Ukrainian settlement of Solotvino, in the city of Uzhhorod. Since 1979 near the city of Nakhichevan of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic in Azerbaijan. In the beginning, this focus of healing was located in the Babek district as part of the Central Hospital as a branch with 50 chambers, then from 1982 near the salt mine in a separate building with 100 chambers.
Healing centers of the mine departments operate at an altitude of 1173 m above sea level, 12.2 km from the city of Nakhichevan in two main mining workshops of the salt mine, 300 meters from the entrance, at a depth of 110 meters, in 9 major treated layers. From the city of Nakhichevan to the Physiotherapy Center 9.8 km, from the Center to the mine is 2.4 km.
The microclimate in the underground section of the mines is indicated below:
1.Height above sea level – 1173 m
2.Temperature – 18-20 0
3.Atmospheric pressure is 740 mm Hg. Art.
4.Relative humidity is 24-50%
5.The speed of air movement is 0,1 m / s
6.Highly dispersive ions of Na +, Cl-
– in the absence of patients – 17.5 mg / m3
– in the presence of patients – 12.5 mg / m3
7. Oxygen – 20%
8. The noise level is 15-20 dB
9. Carbon monoxide, methane gas, nitrogen gas – not available
10. There are no hemolytic species of micrococci, mold fungi
11. The number of bacteria – 650-850 m3 (in the air above the earth’s surface the number of microbes is 8-10 times less).
The underground section consists of 9 main processed layers, 2 of them for men, 3 for women, 1 for children, 2 for sanitary units, and 1 for a rest room. The length of the seams used is 30-40 m, width – 8-10 m, height – 3.5 m.
Patients who have turned to medical facilities within 3-4 days, adapt in the underground department. Then from 1800 (1900) to 800 (900) hours adults undergo speleotherapy treatment, consisting of 16-20 sessions, children – 10-15 sessions. This time can vary depending on the severity of the disease, on the condition of the patient, on the time of his arrival on the course of speleotherapy. Simultaneously with staying in the mine, if necessary, conduct medical treatment, physiotherapy procedures, medical and physical culture, body massage. Medicinal products are prescribed as little as possible. If the patient takes hormonal drugs, then their acceptance decreases gradually.
The advantage of the therapeutic focus of the Nakhchivan Physiotherapy Center “Duzdag” from other salt mines is that the mines are located horizontally. And before the patients come down to the underground department, they adapt.
In addition, in the mine, ventilation is natural, microbial creatures are at a low level, allergens are not available.
The Duzdag Physiotherapeutic Center of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic is addressed by patients from various regions of our republic, including from foreign countries, such as the Russian Federation, Georgia, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, etc.
Based on many years of experience, it can be said that in the elderly patients with mild, moderate and severe bronchial asthma, an improvement of 80-86% was noted, and in children 96-98%. Treatment is carried out in a period when there are no attacks of suffocation or during remission. Patients undergoing treatment in mines have a positive therapeutic effect on 3-5 days of treatment. Thus, there is a decrease in sputum production, there are no attacks of suffocation. The severity of seizures is relieved, dry and wet wheezing in the lungs decreases. Patients are recommended to undergo treatment 1 or, if necessary, 2 times a year (with the condition of consecutive treatment for 3 years).
Speleotherapy is an effective method of not specific treatment of the bronchopulmonary apparatus. But we also need to note in which cases speleotherapy is indicated, and in which it is contraindicated.
Indications for treatment:
1. Predastasm.
2. Bronchial asthma of the 1st stage, infectious-allergic and atopic form, mild, moderate and severe.
3. Chronic obstructive bronchitis and chronic pneumonia – 1-2 stages in the phase of remission.,
4. Chronic bronchitis with asthmatic components
5. Allergic rhinitis, chronic allergic rhinosinusopathy.
6. Pollinosis.
7. Bronchial asthma – respiratory failure 1-2 stages and heart failure of 1 degree
All nonspecific diseases of the respiratory system in the stage of exacerbation.
During the first stage of the complicated phase and stage II bronchial asthma
During the period of subcompensation and decompensation of heart failure
During a shortage of blood circulation of the I-II stage and during the period of arteriosclerotic cardiosclerosis.
In the period of acute and chronic kidney disease. Including, with a disease of stones in the kidneys and bile.
During an illness, stomach and duodenal ulcers
During chronic hepatitis and cholecystitis.
During thyrotoxicosis
With diabetes mild and severe
During polyps and sinusitis of the nose
With pulmonary tuberculosis and malignant tumors.
In addition, there are conditional contraindications for treatment in the mine:
Hormonal dependent state.
During amputation of the lower extremities.
The therapeutic effect of speleotherapy, i.e., improvement, is observed in children on days 4-5. In patients of older age, it is somewhat different. So, depending on the course of the disease, in one group of patients, improvement occurs after 2 weeks, others – at the end of treatment, and in some 15-30 days after arriving at the place of permanent residence ..
At this time, attacks of suffocation, cough decrease. And in children on days 4-5, attacks of suffocation disappear altogether. At the end of treatment in the blood, the increased number of leucocytes-eosinophils decreases, in addition, in sputum the amount of eosinophils decreases, the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation is normalized or decreased. Minute respiratory act of the lungs decreases, sometimes it normalizes, bronchial ways are cleared, patients breathe more freely, the pulse normalizes, or tachycardia is observed rarely, increased systolic and diastolic pressure decreases relatively.
On the electrocardiogram, the increased amplitude of the T-wave decreases relatively, in the blood plasma the free amount of histamine decreases, and the histaminase increases. Large losses of potassium are restored. The increased amount of calcium and sodium is falling.
Thus, the therapeutic effect of speleotherapy is in the peculiar climate of the mine, in the absence of allergens. As a result of constant barometric pressure, reflex action on inflammatory allergic processes, chains of allergic reactions break down and, as a result, clinical and biochemical effects are formed.


Gabala, the capital of Caucasian Albania as far back as the 4th century BC, was located in the middle of the Silk Road, which for more than 2500 years provided cultural exchange and trade between Europe, India and China. You can visit the charming ruins of the ancient city. Gabala, a spacious and ancient region of Azerbaijan, thanks to its clean air, stunning nature and tranquility, is undoubtedly an ideal prevention of retreat and regeneration. Far from the noise of the city and your everyday stressful life, where they learn to understand the importance of taking time to reboot and recharge. At present, in the mountains of the Greater Caucasus there are more than 30 deposits of thermal and cold mineral waters with different concentrations, sulfur level and composition of organic substances, and 3 of them are located in Gabala. Thermal springs “Jengijah” and “Gamarvan”, which are in the forefront of therapeutic value not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the countries of the region, function now as a sanatorium with hot springs. The “Gamarvan” spring, that is, “Chomcha Bulag” is a thermal-mineral water, rising to the surface at an altitude of 1388 meters above sea level in the gorge of the Bum River, 5 kilometers north of the village of Gamarvan. The natural water temperature is 39.2 degrees. The waters of the Gamarvan spring are rich in ferruginous and sulfuric compounds. Samples taken from the sources of mineral waters “Gamarvan”, “Shongar” and “Genji” in the 1965-1966 and 1973-1977-ies were chemically analyzed in a special laboratory in St. Petersburg. As a result of the analysis it was found that in the water “Gamarvan” silicon compounds are 30-40 mg / l, sulfur – 3-12 mg / l, total mineralization – 1.52-1.79 g / l. Chemical and physical properties, therapeutic value of the mineral source “Gamarvan” is similar to the known in western Europe (on the Iberian Peninsula) mineral water Kuldur. For the use of the mineral water “Gamarvan” in the treatment of many diseases since 2007, the Medical and Health Complex with Thermal Waters “Gamarvan” is functioning on the territory of the village of Gamarvan. A mineral spring “Shongar” is located in the north-east of the city of Gabala, on the left bank of the river Demiraparan, at the foot of the mountain “Gyzylgaya”.   The mineralization of spring water is high, that is, it reaches 40 g / l. “Shongar” is a hydrocarbonate, calcareous cold mineral spring. It is widely used by the population as high-quality drinking water. In 2000, a water pipeline was laid from the Shongar spring to the roadside of the Baku-Ismayilli-Gabala-Sheki highway, that is, to the bridge over the Demiriparan River, and the Heydar Bulagy complex was built there. And the mineral spring “Jengijah” is located in the valley of a large river in the northeast of the village of Jengidzha. The water contains sodium hydrogen carbonate, magnesium and lime. The total mineralization is 0.48 g / l, the water is sulphurous and cold. The therapeutic value of the water “Jengijah”, as well as the water “Gamarvan”, attracted the attention of the local population and the population of the surrounding areas. High-quality water “Jenijah”, artificially heated “mountain rock”, is widely used in the treatment of many diseases. The heated mineral water “Jengidja” is significantly enriched and turns into a solution consisting of a mix of up to 10 useful chemical elements for the human body. Taking into account all these qualities, in 2007 in the village of Jengidzh was created the Medical and Wellness Complex with Thermal Waters “Jengidzh”, meeting the modern requirements.

Situated 250 km from Baku and 10 km from the city of Massaly, the recreation and health zone of Istisu is an excellent place for treatment and rest. The zone has been known since the Soviet time for its healing springs. The water comes here from a depth of 95-250 km in hot form, with a temperature of more than 60 degrees Celsius. The water contains hydrosulfate, sodium chlorine, magnesia, and hydrogen carbonate. In addition, 1 liter of water accounts for 30 milligrams of iodine.
This water is used to treat the following diseases:
1. Rheumatism and its side effects
Pain joints
2. Skin diseases
Fungal diseases
3. For diseases of the kidneys and urethra
4. Radiculitis
5. For diseases of the prostate
6.Diseases of the liver and biliary tract
7.Zhenskie diseases
Erosion of the neck of the uterus
8. Male and female infertility
9. Gastrointestinal diseases
10. Traumatic bruises.


The unique healing properties of the mineral water Naftusya have been known for a long time – the first mentions in the literature of its healing effect date back to 1578. One name speaks volumes – it is the only healing water in the world with a high content of organic substances of petroleum origin. A new source of healing water was discovered in 1969 from the Devechi region (now Shabran) over the village of Galaalty in the mountain forests. 7 sources of the same water were identified in the forest.
Healing water “Galaalty” possesses a unique natural complex of organic substances, which makes it the only healing mineral water in the world that has been recognized by urologists in many countries.
Galaalty water is used in the treatment of urolithiasis in various forms. It is original both in composition and in its physiological effect on the human body. Due to the low mineralization (up to 0.78 g / l) and the rich content of organic substances (8.35-23.8 mg / l),
1. Stimulates the passage of small stones and sand from the kidneys, gallbladder
2. Reduces lithogenicity (tendency to form stones)
3. Normalizes metabolism in the body
4. Has an alkalizing effect on blood and urine
5. Reduces the formation of uric acid and promotes its removal from the body
6. Reduces the acidity of gastric juice
7. Reduces the permeability of cell membranes
8. Reduces bleeding
10. Has anti-inflammatory effect
11. Increases urine output
Thanks to the immunological action, it renews the body’s defenses, helps to eliminate inflammatory processes in organs and tissues, to eliminate metabolic products and toxic substances, thereby preventing early aging of the body.
Galaalti possesses a unique natural complex of organic substances, which makes it the only healing mineral water in the world that has been recognized by urologists in many countries.